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PLPNGDecoder Member List

This is the complete list of members for PLPNGDecoder, including all inherited members.
AssertValid() const (defined in PLObject)PLObject [virtual]
AsString(char *psz, int len) const (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo
Close() (defined in PLPicDecoder)PLPicDecoder [virtual]
GetBitsPerPixel() const (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [inline]
GetHeight() const (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [inline]
GetImage(PLBmp &Bmp)PLPNGDecoder [virtual]
GetResolution() constPLBmpInfo [inline]
GetSize() const (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [inline]
GetWidth() const (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [inline]
HasAlpha() const (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [inline]
IsGreyscale() const (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [inline]
m_bAlphaChannel (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [protected]
m_bIsGreyscale (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [protected]
m_bpp (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [protected]
m_pDataSrc (defined in PLPicDecoder)PLPicDecoder [protected]
m_Resolution (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [protected]
m_Size (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [protected]
MakeBmp(PLBmp *pBmp, int BPPWanted=0)PLPicDecoder [virtual]
MakeBmpFromFile(const char *pszFName, PLBmp *pBmp, int BPPWanted=0, PLIProgressNotification *pProgNot=NULL)PLPicDecoder [virtual]
MakeBmpFromMemory(unsigned char *ucMemSrc, int MemSrcSize, PLBmp *pBmp, int BPPWanted=0, PLIProgressNotification *pProgNot=NULL)PLPicDecoder [virtual]
MakeBmpFromURL(const char *pszURL, PLBmp *pBmp, int BPPWanted=0, PLIProgressNotification *pProgNot=NULL)PLPicDecoder [virtual]
Open(PLDataSource *pDataSrc) (defined in PLPNGDecoder)PLPNGDecoder [virtual]
OpenFile(const char *pszFName, PLIProgressNotification *pProgNot=NULL)PLPicDecoder
operator==(const PLBmpInfo &Other) const (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo
PLBmpInfo(const PLPoint &Size, int bpp, const PLPoint &Resolution, bool bAlphaChannel, bool bIsGreyscale)PLBmpInfo
PLBmpInfo()PLBmpInfo [inline]
PLBmpInfo(const char *pszInfo)PLBmpInfo
PLObject() (defined in PLObject)PLObject
raiseError(int Code, char *pszErr) (defined in PLPicDecoder)PLPicDecoder [static]
ReadByte(PLDataSource *pDataSrc) (defined in PLPicDecoder)PLPicDecoder [inline, protected]
ReadILong(PLDataSource *pDataSrc) (defined in PLPicDecoder)PLPicDecoder [inline, protected]
ReadIWord(PLDataSource *pDataSrc) (defined in PLPicDecoder)PLPicDecoder [inline, protected]
ReadMLong(PLDataSource *pDataSrc) (defined in PLPicDecoder)PLPicDecoder [inline, protected]
ReadMWord(PLDataSource *pDataSrc) (defined in PLPicDecoder)PLPicDecoder [inline, protected]
SetBmpInfo(const PLPoint &Size, int bpp, const PLPoint &Resolution, bool bAlphaChannel, bool bIsGreyscale) (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [protected]
SetBmpInfo(const PLBmpInfo &SrcInfo) (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [protected]
SetDataSrc(PLDataSource *pDataSrc) (defined in PLPicDecoder)PLPicDecoder
SetTraceConfig(int Level, char *pszFName)PLPicDecoder [static]
Trace(int TraceLevel, const char *pszMessage)PLPicDecoder [static]
unpackPictRow(PLBYTE *pLineBuf, PLDataSource *pDataSrc, int Width, int rowBytes, int SrcBytes) (defined in PLPicDecoder)PLPicDecoder [protected]
~PLObject() (defined in PLObject)PLObject [virtual]
~PLPicDecoder()PLPicDecoder [virtual]
~PLPNGDecoder()PLPNGDecoder [virtual]

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