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PLBmpInfo Class Reference

#include <plbmpinfo.h>

Inheritance diagram for PLBmpInfo:

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Public Member Functions

 PLBmpInfo (const PLPoint &Size, int bpp, const PLPoint &Resolution, bool bAlphaChannel, bool bIsGreyscale)
 Creates an info object.

 PLBmpInfo ()
 Creates an uninitialized info object.

 PLBmpInfo (const char *pszInfo)
const PLPointGetSize () const
int GetWidth () const
int GetHeight () const
int GetBitsPerPixel () const
bool HasAlpha () const
bool IsGreyscale () const
const PLPointGetResolution () const
void AsString (char *psz, int len) const
bool operator== (const PLBmpInfo &Other) const

Protected Member Functions

void SetBmpInfo (const PLPoint &Size, int bpp, const PLPoint &Resolution, bool bAlphaChannel, bool bIsGreyscale)
void SetBmpInfo (const PLBmpInfo &SrcInfo)

Protected Attributes

PLPoint m_Size
int m_bpp
PLPoint m_Resolution
bool m_bAlphaChannel
bool m_bIsGreyscale

Detailed Description

This is a simple base class that holds bitmap metainformation. It is used as a base class by PLPicDecoder and PLBmp and can be used standalone as well.

Definition at line 20 of file plbmpinfo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PLBmpInfo::PLBmpInfo const char *  pszInfo  ) 

Creates an info object from an ascii representation. This ascii representation can be created using AsString();

Member Function Documentation

const PLPoint& PLBmpInfo::GetResolution  )  const [inline]

Gets the bitmap resolution in pixels per inch. Returns 0 if the resolution is unknown.

Definition at line 66 of file plbmpinfo.h.

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