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PLBmpEncoder Member List

This is the complete list of members for PLBmpEncoder, including all inherited members.
AssertValid() const (defined in PLObject)PLObject [virtual]
DoEncode(PLBmp *pBmp, PLDataSink *pDataSink)PLBmpEncoder [protected, virtual]
GetLineMemNeeded(PLLONG width, PLWORD BitsPerPixel) (defined in PLBmpEncoder)PLBmpEncoder [protected]
MakeFileFromBmp(const char *, PLBmp *)PLPicEncoder [virtual]
PLObject() (defined in PLObject)PLObject
raiseError(int Code, char *pszErr) (defined in PLPicEncoder)PLPicEncoder [static]
SaveBmp(PLBmp *, PLDataSink *)PLPicEncoder [virtual]
SetTraceConfig(int Level, char *pszFName) (defined in PLPicEncoder)PLPicEncoder
Trace(int TraceLevel, const char *pszMessage) (defined in PLPicEncoder)PLPicEncoder
~PLObject() (defined in PLObject)PLObject [virtual]
~PLPicEncoder()PLPicEncoder [virtual]

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