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PLPicEncoder Class Reference

#include <plpicenc.h>

Inheritance diagram for PLPicEncoder:

PLBmpEncoder PLJPEGEncoder PLPNGEncoder PLTIFFEncoder PLTIFFEncoderEx List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 PLPicEncoder ()
virtual ~PLPicEncoder ()
 Destructor. Frees memory allocated.

virtual void MakeFileFromBmp (const char *, PLBmp *)
 Encodes a bitmap to a file and stores.

virtual void SaveBmp (PLBmp *, PLDataSink *)
 Encodes a picture to a pre-existing data destination (sink).

void SetTraceConfig (int Level, char *pszFName)
void Trace (int TraceLevel, const char *pszMessage)

Static Public Member Functions

void raiseError (int Code, char *pszErr)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void DoEncode (PLBmp *pBmp, PLDataSink *pDataSrc)=0

Detailed Description

Base class for image encoders. PLPicEncoder is an abstract base class. It defines common routines for all encoders. Encoders for specific file formats can be derived from this class. Objects of this class interact with a PLDataSink to encode bitmaps.

Definition at line 34 of file plpicenc.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PLPicEncoder::PLPicEncoder  ) 

Empty constructor. The actual initialization takes place in a derived class.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void PLPicEncoder::DoEncode PLBmp pBmp,
PLDataSink pDataSrc
[protected, pure virtual]

Implements the actual encoding process. Uses variables local to the object to retrieve and store the data. Implemented in derived classes.

Implemented in PLBmpEncoder, PLJPEGEncoder, PLPNGEncoder, PLTIFFEncoder, and PLTIFFEncoderEx.

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