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PLPSDDecoder Class Reference

#include <plpsddec.h>

Inheritance diagram for PLPSDDecoder:

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Public Member Functions

 PLPSDDecoder ()
 Creates a decoder.

virtual ~PLPSDDecoder ()
 Destroys a decoder.

virtual void Open (PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
virtual void GetImage (PLBmp &pBmp)
int GetNumLayers ()
 Returns number of layers in the image.

void GetNextLayer (PLBmp &Bmp)
 Fills the bitmap with the layer data.

PLPoint GetLayerOffset ()
 Returns the origin of the layer data in the image.

Detailed Description

Photoshop file decoder. Besides having the MakeBmpFromFile interface that the other decoders have, the photoshop decoder loads the layers of the image into separate bitmaps so they can be manipulated separately:
vector<PLAnyBmp> Bmp; PLAnyBmp BaseBmp); Decoder->OpenFile ("face.psd"); int NumLayers = Decoder->GetNumLayers(); for (int i=0; i<NumLayers; i++) { GetNextLayer (Bmp[i]); LayerOffset = GetLayerOffset(); } GetImage (&BaseBmp); Close();

Definition at line 53 of file plpsddec.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void PLPSDDecoder::GetImage PLBmp pBmp  )  [virtual]

Fills the bitmap with the main image. This image is a flattened version of the layers.

Implements PLPicDecoder.

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