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PLJPEGEncoder Class Reference

#include <pljpegenc.h>

Inheritance diagram for PLJPEGEncoder:

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Public Member Functions

 PLJPEGEncoder ()
 Creates an encoder.

 ~PLJPEGEncoder ()
 Destroys a encoder.

void SetQuality (int iQuality)
 Set the compression quality on a scale from 0 to 100.

void SetOptimizeCoding (bool bOptimizeCoding)
 Enable or disable the generation of optimal Huffmann coding tables.

void SetSmoothingFactor (int iSmoothingFactor)
 Set the smoothing factor (<=100). 0 turns it off.

void SetDensity (unsigned int uiX, unsigned int uiY)
 Set the resolution information (DPI) for the image.

void SetExifData (PLExif &ExifData)

Protected Member Functions

void DoEncode (PLBmp *pBmp, PLDataSink *pDataSink)

Detailed Description

JPEG file encoder. Uses the independent JPEG group's library to do the actual conversion.

Definition at line 25 of file pljpegenc.h.

Member Function Documentation

void PLJPEGEncoder::DoEncode PLBmp pBmp,
PLDataSink pDataSink
[protected, virtual]

Implements the actual encoding process. Uses variables local to the object to retrieve and store the data. Implemented in derived classes.

Implements PLPicEncoder.

void PLJPEGEncoder::SetExifData PLExif &  ExifData  ) 

Set Exif (digital camera) Data for the next encode. The encoder only holds on to the Exif data until the next encode.

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