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PLFilterResizeGaussian Member List

This is the complete list of members for PLFilterResizeGaussian, including all inherited members.
Apply(PLBmp *pBmpSource, PLBmp *pBmpDest) constPLFilterResizeGaussian [virtual]
ApplyInPlace(PLBmp *pBmp) constPLFilter [virtual]
AssertValid() const (defined in PLObject)PLObject [virtual]
m_NewXSize (defined in PLFilterResize)PLFilterResize [protected]
m_NewYSize (defined in PLFilterResize)PLFilterResize [protected]
PLFilter() (defined in PLFilter)PLFilter
PLFilterResize(int NewXSize, int NewYSize) (defined in PLFilterResize)PLFilterResize
PLFilterResizeGaussian(int NewXSize, int NewYSize, double NewRadius) (defined in PLFilterResizeGaussian)PLFilterResizeGaussian
PLObject() (defined in PLObject)PLObject
SetNewSize(int NewXSize, int NewYSize) (defined in PLFilterResize)PLFilterResize
~PLFilter()=0 (defined in PLFilter)PLFilter [pure virtual]
~PLFilterResize() (defined in PLFilterResize)PLFilterResize [virtual]
~PLObject() (defined in PLObject)PLObject [virtual]

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