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PLFilterQuantize Class Reference

#include <plfilterquantize.h>

Inheritance diagram for PLFilterQuantize:

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Public Member Functions

 PLFilterQuantize (int DitherPaletteType, int DitherType)
virtual void Apply (PLBmp *pBmpSource, PLBmp *pBmpDest) const
void SetUserPalette (const PLPixel32 *pPal)
 For PLDTHPAL_USERDEFINED, sets the palette to use.

Static Public Member Functions

const PLPixel32GetDefaultPalette ()

Detailed Description

Returns an 8 bpp bitmap containing a best-fit representation of the source 32 bpp bitmap.

Definition at line 34 of file plfilterquantize.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PLFilterQuantize::PLFilterQuantize int  DitherPaletteType,
int  DitherType

DitherPaletteType and DitherType determine the type of quantization:

PLDTHPAL_MEDIAN (0): Median cut

PLDTHPAL_POPULARITY (1): Popularity sort

PLDTHPAL_DEFAULT (2): Use default palette

PLDTHPAL_USERDEFINED (3): Use palette defined by SetUserPalette();

PLDTH_NONE (0): No dithering

PLDTH_ORDERED (1): Ordered dithering

PLDTH_FS (2): Floyd-Steinberg dithering

Member Function Documentation

virtual void PLFilterQuantize::Apply PLBmp pBmpSource,
PLBmp pBmpDest
const [virtual]

Applies the Filter to pBmpSource and stores the result in pBmpDest. The base-class version copies the bitmap before calling ApplyInPlace (pBmpDest).

Reimplemented from PLFilter.

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