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PLFilter Class Reference

#include <plfilter.h>

Inheritance diagram for PLFilter:

PLFilterContrast PLFilterCrop PLFilterFill< PixelC > PLFilterFillRect< PixelC > PLFilterFlip PLFilterFlipRGB PLFilterGetAlpha PLFilterGrayscale PLFilterIntensity PLFilterLightness PLFilterMirror PLFilterQuantize PLFilterResize PLFilterRotate PLFilterThreshold List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual void ApplyInPlace (PLBmp *pBmp) const
virtual void Apply (PLBmp *pBmpSource, PLBmp *pBmpDest) const

Detailed Description

Base class for filters that operate on bitmaps. Derived classes need to override either the ApplyInPlace or the Apply function. The base-class versions of these functions simply implement one function in terms of the other.

Definition at line 28 of file plfilter.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void PLFilter::Apply PLBmp pBmpSource,
PLBmp pBmpDest
const [virtual]

Applies the Filter to pBmpSource and stores the result in pBmpDest. The base-class version copies the bitmap before calling ApplyInPlace (pBmpDest).

Reimplemented in PLFilterContrast, PLFilterCrop, PLFilterFlip, PLFilterGetAlpha, PLFilterGrayscale, PLFilterIntensity, PLFilterLightness, PLFilterMirror, PLFilterQuantize, PLFilterResizeBilinear, PLFilterResizeBox, PLFilterResizeGaussian, PLFilterResizeHamming, PLFilterRotate, and PLFilterThreshold.

virtual void PLFilter::ApplyInPlace PLBmp pBmp  )  const [virtual]

In-Place Apply. Applies the filter to pBmp. The base-class version copies the bitmap after calling Apply (pBmp, pTempBmp).

Reimplemented in PLFilterFill< PixelC >, PLFilterFillRect< PixelC >, and PLFilterFlipRGB.

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