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PLDirectFBBmp Class Reference

#include <pldirectfbbmp.h>

Inheritance diagram for PLDirectFBBmp:

PLBmp PLBmpInfo List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 PLDirectFBBmp ()
virtual ~PLDirectFBBmp ()
 Destroys the bitmap.

 PLDirectFBBmp (const PLBmp &Orig)
 Copy constructor.

 PLDirectFBBmp (const PLDirectFBBmp &Orig)
 Copy constructor.

PLDirectFBBmpoperator= (const PLBmp &Orig)
 Assignment operator.

PLDirectFBBmpoperator= (const PLDirectFBBmp &Orig)
 Assignment operator.

IDirectFBSurface * GetSurface ()
long GetMemUsed ()
 Returns the amount of memory used by the object.

long GetBytesPerLine ()
 Returns number of bytes used per line.

Static Public Member Functions

void SetDirectFB (IDirectFB *pDirectFB)
long GetMemNeeded (PLLONG width, PLLONG height, PLWORD BitsPerPixel)
 Returns memory needed by a bitmap with the specified attributes.

long GetBitsMemNeeded (PLLONG width, PLLONG height, PLWORD BitsPerPixel)
 Returns memory needed by bitmap bits.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void internalCreate (PLLONG Width, PLLONG Height, PLWORD BitsPerPixel, bool bAlphaChannel, bool bIsGreyscale)
virtual void freeMembers ()
 Delete memory allocated by member variables.

virtual void initLineArray ()
 Initialize internal table of line addresses.

Detailed Description

Manipulates bitmaps stored as DirectFB surfaces. 8, 24 and 32 bpp (pixel formats DSPF_ARGB, DSPF_RGB32, DSPF_RGB24, DSPF_A8). The surfaces used are system memory surfaces.

Definition at line 23 of file pldirectfbbmp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PLDirectFBBmp::PLDirectFBBmp  ) 

Creates an empty bitmap object. The Create() function allocates a DirectFB system memory surface for this bitmap. Note that only system memory surfaces are supported at the moment.

Member Function Documentation

IDirectFBSurface* PLDirectFBBmp::GetSurface  ) 

Returns a pointer to the internal DirectFB surface. The surface is still owned by the bitmap object. Using this pointer, you can bring DirectFB and paintlib data out of sync easily. Handle with care.

virtual void PLDirectFBBmp::internalCreate PLLONG  Width,
PLLONG  Height,
PLWORD  BitsPerPixel,
bool  bAlphaChannel,
bool  bIsGreyscale
[protected, virtual]

Create a new bitmap with uninitialized bits. (Assume no memory is allocated yet.)

Implements PLBmp.

void PLDirectFBBmp::SetDirectFB IDirectFB *  pDirectFB  )  [static]

Sets a pointer to the main DirectFB interface. This needs to be done before any PLDirectFBBmps get allocated.

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