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PLDataSource Class Reference

#include <pldatasrc.h>

Inheritance diagram for PLDataSource:

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Public Member Functions

 PLDataSource (PLIProgressNotification *pNotification=NULL)
virtual void Open (const char *pszName, int FileSize)
virtual void Close ()
char * GetName ()
virtual PLBYTE * GetBufferPtr (int MinBytesInBuffer)=0
 Read but don't advance file pointer.

virtual PLBYTE * ReadNBytes (int n)
 This needs to be overridden in derived classes.

int GetFileSize ()
virtual PLBYTE * ReadEverything ()=0
PLBYTE * Read1Byte ()
PLBYTE * Read2Bytes ()
PLBYTE * Read4Bytes ()
void OProgressNotification (double part)
 handles progress notification from other libs

void AlignToWord ()
void Skip (int n)
void CheckEOF ()
 Test to see if we didn't go past the end of the file.

Detailed Description

This is a base class for a source of picture data. It defines methods to open, close, and read from data sources. Does byte-order-conversions in the ReadByte, ReadWord, and ReadLong routines.

Definition at line 27 of file pldatasrc.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PLDataSource::PLDataSource PLIProgressNotification pNotification = NULL  ) 

Constructs a new data source. pNotification points to an object that reacts to progress notification messages.

Member Function Documentation

virtual PLBYTE* PLDataSource::ReadEverything  )  [pure virtual]

This is a legacy routine that interferes with progress notifications. Don't call it!

Implemented in PLFileSource, PLMemSource, and PLResourceSource.

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