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PLDIBSection Member List

This is the complete list of members for PLDIBSection, including all inherited members.
AlmostEqual(const PLBmp &Bmp, int epsilon) constPLBmp
AlphaBlt(PLWinBmp *pSrPLBmp, int x, int y) (defined in PLWinBmp)PLWinBmp
ApplyFilter(const PLFilter &Filter)PLBmp
AssertValid() const (defined in PLObject)PLObject [virtual]
AsString(char *psz, int len) const (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo
CopyPalette(PLWinBmp *pSrPLBmp)PLWinBmp
Create(PLLONG Width, PLLONG Height, PLWORD BitsPerPixel, bool bAlphaChannel, bool bIsGreyscale, PLBYTE *pBits=0, int Stride=0, const PLPoint &Resolution=PLPoint(0, 0))PLBmp [virtual]
Create(const PLBmpInfo &Info)PLBmp [virtual]
create1BPPCopy(const PLBmp &rSrPLBmp) (defined in PLBmp)PLBmp [protected]
create8BPPCopy(const PLBmp &rSrPLBmp) (defined in PLBmp)PLBmp [protected]
CreateCopy(const PLBmp &rSrPLBmp, int BPPWanted=0)PLBmp
createCopyHandle()PLDIBSection [protected, virtual]
CreateFilteredCopy(PLBmp &rSrPLBmp, const PLFilter &rFilter)PLBmp
CreateFromHBitmap(HBITMAP hBitMap)PLWinBmp
CreateRes(HINSTANCE lh_ResInst, int ID)PLWinBmp [virtual]
Detach()PLDIBSection [virtual]
Draw(HDC hDC, int x, int y, DWORD rop=SRCCOPY)PLDIBSection [virtual]
DrawExtract(HDC hDC, POINT pntDest, RECT rcSrc)PLDIBSection [virtual]
FindNearestColor(PLPixel32 cr)PLBmp
freeMembers()PLDIBSection [protected, virtual]
FromClipboard(UINT uFormat=CF_BITMAP)PLWinBmp
GetBitsMemNeeded(LONG width, LONG height, WORD BitsPerPixel)PLWinBmp [static]
GetBitsPerPixel() const (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [inline]
GetBytesPerLine()PLWinBmp [virtual]
GetHeight() const (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [inline]
GetLineArray() constPLBmp [inline]
GetLineArray24() constPLBmp [inline]
GetLineArray32() constPLBmp [inline]
GetLineMemNeeded(LONG width, WORD BitsPerPixel)PLWinBmp [static]
GetMemNeeded(LONG width, LONG height, WORD BitsPerPixel)PLWinBmp [static]
GetMemUsed()PLWinBmp [virtual]
GetNumColors()PLBmp [inline]
GetPalette() constPLBmp [inline]
GetPixel(int x, int y) constPLBmp [inline]
GetResolution() constPLBmpInfo [inline]
GetSize() const (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [inline]
GetWidth() const (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [inline]
HasAlpha() const (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [inline]
initLineArray()PLWinBmp [protected, virtual]
initLocals(PLLONG Width, PLLONG Height, PLWORD BitsPerPixel, bool bAlphaChannel, bool bIsGreyscale)PLBmp [protected]
initPointers()PLDIBSection [protected, virtual]
internalCopy(const PLBmp &rSrPLBmp)PLBmp [protected]
internalCreate(LONG Width, LONG Height, WORD BitsPerPixel, bool bAlphaChannel, bool bIsGreyscale)PLDIBSection [protected, virtual]
internalCreate(BITMAPINFOHEADER *pBMI)PLDIBSection [protected, virtual]
PLBmp::internalCreate(PLLONG Width, PLLONG Height, PLWORD BitsPerPixel, bool bAlphaChannel, bool bIsGreyscale)=0PLBmp [protected, pure virtual]
IsGreyscale() const (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [inline]
IsLocked() constPLBmp [inline]
Lock(bool bReadable, bool bWriteable)PLBmp [virtual]
m_bAlphaChannel (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [protected]
m_bIsGreyscale (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [protected]
m_bpp (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [protected]
m_DitherPaletteType (defined in PLBmp)PLBmp [protected]
m_DitherType (defined in PLBmp)PLBmp [protected]
m_LockCount (defined in PLBmp)PLBmp [protected]
m_pBits (defined in PLWinBmp)PLWinBmp [protected]
m_pBMI (defined in PLWinBmp)PLWinBmp [protected]
m_pClrTab (defined in PLBmp)PLBmp [protected]
m_pLineArray (defined in PLBmp)PLBmp [protected]
m_Resolution (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [protected]
m_Size (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [protected]
operator=(PLBmp const &Orig)PLDIBSection [inline]
operator=(PLDIBSection const &Orig)PLDIBSection [inline]
PLWinBmp::operator=(PLWinBmp const &Orig)PLWinBmp [inline]
operator==(PLBmp const &Other)PLBmp
operator==(const PLBmpInfo &Other) const (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo
PLBmpInfo(const PLPoint &Size, int bpp, const PLPoint &Resolution, bool bAlphaChannel, bool bIsGreyscale)PLBmpInfo
PLBmpInfo()PLBmpInfo [inline]
PLBmpInfo(const char *pszInfo)PLBmpInfo
PLDIBSection(const PLBmp &Orig)PLDIBSection [inline]
PLDIBSection(const PLDIBSection &Orig)PLDIBSection [inline]
PLObject() (defined in PLObject)PLObject
PLWinBmp() (defined in PLWinBmp)PLWinBmp
PLWinBmp(const PLWinBmp &Orig)PLWinBmp [inline]
PLWinBmp(const PLBmp &Orig)PLWinBmp [inline]
SetAlphaChannel(PLBmp *pAlphaBmp)PLBmp
SetBmpInfo(const PLPoint &Size, int bpp, const PLPoint &Resolution, bool bAlphaChannel, bool bIsGreyscale) (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [protected]
SetBmpInfo(const PLBmpInfo &SrcInfo) (defined in PLBmpInfo)PLBmpInfo [protected]
SetHasAlpha(bool b)PLBmp
SetPalette(PLPixel32 *pPal)PLBmp
SetPaletteEntry(PLBYTE Entry, PLBYTE r, PLBYTE g, PLBYTE b, PLBYTE a)PLBmp [inline]
SetPaletteEntry(PLBYTE Entry, PLPixel32 Value)PLBmp [inline]
SetPixel(int x, int y, PLPixel32 pixel)PLBmp [inline]
SetQuantizationMode(int DitherType, int DitherPaletteType)PLBmp
SetResolution(const PLPoint &Resolution)PLBmp [inline]
StretchDraw(HDC hDC, int x, int y, double Factor, DWORD rop=SRCCOPY)PLWinBmp [virtual]
StretchDraw(HDC hDC, int x, int y, int w, int h, DWORD rop=SRCCOPY)PLWinBmp [virtual]
Unlock()PLBmp [virtual]
~PLBmp()PLBmp [virtual]
~PLDIBSection()PLDIBSection [virtual]
~PLObject() (defined in PLObject)PLObject [virtual]
~PLWinBmp()PLWinBmp [virtual]

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