Many people have contributed to paintlib. I've tried to list them all here. If your name isn't on the list and you believe it should be, don't hesitate to contact me. It's probably (er...definitely ;-) just an oversight.

  • Meng Bo contributed the pcx decoder.
  • José Miguel Buenaposada wrote the autoconf script and generally made sure the unix build worked. He also added the PGM decoder.
  • Bernard Delmée added true 1- and 8-bit tiff support, the base encoder classes, the tiff encoder and the piclook sample.
  • Mike Franklin added exif support.
  • Iyad Hatem wrote the threshold filter class.
  • Thomas Hirschmann wrote several of the filter classes.
  • Richard Hollis added CopyPalette, FromClipboard and CMemSink.
  • Andreas Köpf added the "Load from resource" feature.
  • Michael Salzlechner wrote the gif decoder and implemented quantization.
  • Martin Skinner implemented paintX on top of the rest of paintlib, he added the original filter classes and implemented jpeg encoding. He also did some much-needed beta testing when paintlib was in its infancy.
  • Patrick Strömstedt wrote CMemSource.
  • Gilles Vollant helped with the PNG support.
  • Rupert Welch implemented the iff decoder.
  • Mario Westphal did the wmf/emf decoder.
  • EPS preview support was added by Roger Willcocks.
  • I did the rest ;-). Me, that's u.zadow at (

Thanks, everyone.